How the Law of Attraction works in unexpected ways. I’ve been focusing on ways to lower our bills. This is important to what happened. I had overlooked a late notice for our car insurance. When I finally found the notice, I found out that I only had a week before expiration. I wrote the check while at work and planned to mail it the next morning. I forgot about it until the last moment. I mailed it out after it was due, but I didn’t realize it for a few days afterwards. They cashed the check, so I thought everything was ok. Got a refund check from overpayment of car insurance. What they did was cancel the insurance and only took out the past due amount. Because of several different reasons, they wouldn’t renew the policy. In New York State, you get charged a penalty for every day you don’t have insurance, so the penality due from being uninsured was $240. With that being said, I searched for a new policy. The policy I found was almost $40 a month cheaper. If my previous provider hadn’t cancelled on me, I would never have changed since I thought they were the cheapest, but with how much I’m saving, I can pay off the penality within 6 months with the savings I’m getting from the new policy. Not too shabby….