Was reading an article about quantum mechanics and the Schrodinger’s cat experiment and it got me to thinking. The whole premise of this thought experiment is that, based off of quantum mechanics, the cat existed in multiple states until observed, then the wave function collapsed and the state of the cat became known.

In other words, anything could be happening at that instant in time, but once observed, one knew the state of the cat exactly. Why is this important? Namely, until observed, any outcome is possible. If you think about it, that’s kinda how the Law of Attraction works as well. You focus on an outcome to have it happen.

Maybe the act of actually visualizing what outcome you want is collapsing the wave function to make a future event more likely. How does the universe determine something is being observed, thereby setting the state of something that could be in multiple states? Is it the actual observation that’s taking place, or is it the mental visualization in your head that’s ‘locking’ it into one state or another?

Quantum mechanics, from what I can understand of it from a layman’s perspective, seems to be very bizarre in the extreme. What one takes for example in the normal world gets turned on it’s ear in quantum mechanics. If you combine the effects of quantum mechanics on a atomic/quantum scale and combine it with the butterfly effect on a macro scale, then who’s to say that the two working in concert couldn’t allow your strongly visualized desire to come into existence?

Just something I was pondering over. I welcome your comments on whether you think this might be how the Law of Attraction might work.