It’s usually pretty easy to spot the villain in the movies. Almost without exception (Batman and Ironman being the only ones I can think of), the bad guys are almost always the richest person in the movie. Why is that? Why does Hollywood always portray rich people as being evil, mean, cruel, etc.?

This is one of the primary reasons I think people have hangups about money, the other being family while growing up, but that’s stuff for another article. People get most of their opinions about money and other things from family and what they see on tv while growing up.

It’s because of this subconscious programming that you’re not having as much success with the Law of Attraction as you’d want. I still struggle with this stuff myself, and I hardly ever watch tv. The biggest source of negativity and bad programming is the news. The news thrives off of the negative, bad things that happen in the world. Don’t believe me, look through a newspaper or watch a news broadcast. On a sheet of paper, make 2 columns. In one column, make a tick every time you hear a bad or negative story in one column, and a tick for every positive, uplifting story in the other column. I would suspect that it would take you several weeks to have as many ticks in the good column that you have in the bad column for one day.

Want to lead a happier, more abundant life? Stop reading the newspapers and watching the news on tv. That little tidbit will do more for your positive outlook on life than just about anything else you can do. Limiting how much time you actually watch ANY tv would be the next area to focus on. If you eliminated newspapers, news magazines, and the TV, even though in the beginning it’s gonna suck, once you get used to not having all that negative in your life, you’ll probably see a big jump in how effective you are with using the Law of Attraction. What have you got to lose? There’s always a dvr recorder to record those shows if you don’t see a difference….