I had to think long and hard about creating this section. Reason being, I don’t think the Law of Attraction has anything to do with your health. With that being said, I also realize that the same processes you go through to activate the Law of Attraction in your life can improve your health, just by different mechanisms. So if you are effective with using the Law of Attraction to bring stuff into your life, then you should be good at affecting your health via the same techniques, and vice versa.

The main reason I don’t feel it’s the Law of Attraction at work is my belief that you use this to bring stuff into your life that isn’t already there, whereas you have your body right now and what you’re trying to do is effect change in said body. One is to change external environments and situations, whereas the other is to effect internal change.

What I really think is going to change your health is to take advantage of and use the Placebo Effect. Most people have a negative feeling about the placebo effect, thinking it’s something negative or you’re just fooling yourself. I feel it’s much more. Most people focus on what’s causing the effect, instead of the end results in mind. Or in other words, they’re derisive of someone taking a sugar pill to get rid of pain instead of the fact that the pain itself is gone.

People seem to forget that all sorts of ailments and illnesses are alleviated, suppressed, cured, put in remission, and plain fixed on a regular basis via the placebo effect. How could this ever be considered a bad thing or something to look down on. All this tells me is that we should focus more on how to use your mind to heal yourself and make yourself what you physically want to be, and depend less on drugs, which may or may not be as effective as we are led to believe because there’s always the chance again that you might be benefiting from the placebo effect, even if you’re being helped by the drug. What I mean is, the drug my be causing you to be 20% better, whereas the placebo effect might be boosting the felt effect by (and I’m just making this number up for the example) an additional 40%, so the end result is a 60% improvement in your health.

There are all sorts of cases where people’s thoughts and beliefs had an overwhelming effect on their body. Look at firewalking. Some people will say it’s fake and come up with all sorts of reasons it’s being faked or not what is proposed. In some cases they’re right. There’s some firewalking events that are done where porous rocks are placed over the coals before the walk. Those rocks act as an insulative layer to their feet, so even though they can feel the heat radiating off the coals, the actual surface temperature of the rocks are vary rarely above the temperature of sun heated asphalt. That doesn’t explain the firewalking events where Kahunas walk across hardened lava flows, or the people who walk across firepits where the coals come up to mid-calf and higher. How can science explain that away? You put a stick into coals 6-12 inches deep, and I don’t care what you put on it, it will catch fire in very short order, yet these people stroll through the coals like they’re walking on a cool patch of grass.

Another good example are the Jansenists (This is a link to some of the things attributed to them). In short, they would go into ‘convolutions’ that, while they were having them, made them basically invulnerable to any form of physical damage. Or maybe the vogi who hasn’t had food or water for 70 years (according to him, Link here to one article about him). Found lots of articles from ‘experts’ who say it’s impossible and go on and on about how much food/water a body needs to survive, yet this yogi was observed for 2 weeks, and everything he used was carefully measured. It doesn’t say outright in the articles, but they say they measured how much fluid he used to gargle with and that he never touched food. One ‘expert’ stated that the yogi was getting fluid by using his beard to hold fluid during the observation. What I want to know is, how does he figure he was able to soak enough water up in his beard to sustain him for one thing, and two, how would he have soaked his beard in water while under 24 hour observation.

This belief that things are impossible is one of the reasons these things are impossible. The human body can do so much more when directed by the mind than people give it credit for. I can personally relate at least one time my belief had a direct effect on my health.

When I met the wonderful woman who’s now my wife, her awesome southern style cooking allowed me to gain a little over 50lb in the span of 2 1/2 years (can anyone say cheese biscuits?). Once I realized how heavy I’d become and started having health issues from it (high cholesterol levels, back and knee pain, etc) I realized I needed to lose weight. I was around 255lbs when I made this decision.

What I basically did was, everyr night before I fell asleep, I visualized what I would look/feel/move like when I was 220lbs. I’m not talking about a flabby/blob style of 220lb, but a relatively fit 220lb for someone who’s 6’1. Without changing my diet or exercise level one bit, just based on visualization every night for about a month, I dropped down to my goal of 220lbs. My weight hasn’t changed from that level by more than 5lb for more than a few weeks, in over 8 years, much to my chagrin. I’ve recently wanted to get down to around 200lb, but my visualization was so strong from that time, and reinforced for so long, that I’m now having trouble visualizing myself even lighter.

Now granted, over the past 8 years, I’ve since started exercising on a more or less regular basis, but no matter how long I go without exercising, or how often I exercise, the heaviest I’ve been is 225lb, and the lightest is 210lb, both of which lasted only about a month or two.

So, when all is said and done, do I think you can affect your health via the Law of attraction, no. Do I feel the steps you use to activate the Law of Attraction can affect your help, yes, but only through the placebo effect and causing your mind and subconscious processes to change your health.