This is the area that everyone covers at one point or another when it comes to the Law of Attraction. They may call it something different, but the intent is the same. Your purpose, intentions, and affirmations are different sides of the same coin. Each by themselves can work, but together, they work synergistically to help the Law of Attraction work for you.

Just to be clear, there are differences between a purpose, an intention and an affirmation. While slight, the thought process between the them are different. That difference, I feel, is how the conscious and unconscious mind processes the them.

A purpose is the overall ‘mission’ of your life. It’s what you were put here for, for lack of a better way of saying it. This mission, when you’re properly aligned with it, makes you almost unstoppable. I forget whether it was Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale or someone similar who mad this comparison, but it’s like being in a boat on a river. Your life is the river. No matter what you do, it’s always going to flow. You might have tributaries that run into it (other people) that can strengthen and/or quicken it, or there could be streams that flow out of the river (losing a friend or something similar), weakening and/or slowing you down. Then there’s the calm spots, rapids, whirlpools, and waterfalls. They represent life events. Some are good, some are bad, some can be good or bad depending on how you view them. You may or may not be able to control these events, but they’re still part of the river.

With all this said, fighting against your purpose is like trying to paddle upstream. In the calm spots, it’s easier, in rapids, difficult to near impossible, and when approaching a waterfall, imperative. But how much easier would traveling the river be if you just went with the flow and just using your paddle to adjust your path to avoid the obstacles? That’s what following your purpose is like and where intentions come in.

An intention is what you want to accomplish. Whether grand or insignificant, one time or overarching across your lifetime. It’s the short term destination on the river. It’s the plan of stopping at a specific dock, know it’s up ahead somewhere, but you’re not quite sure where up ahead. You know some of the landmarks to look for and some of the pitfalls you may have to avoid. You may even have a map on how to get there. That’s your intention. Intention alone won’t normally get you there. You might just happen to drift up by accident at the correct place, but you normally do have to ‘something’ to course correct to reach your stop.

Your affirmations are the final link to get you to your destination. It’s the course corrections you make when paddling the boat. Sometime it’s big strokes, sometimes it’s little swishes. Without these course corrections, it’s all going to be a matter of chance to get to your destination. You might be able to adjust some of the directions, but you’re going to miss your mark more often than you would if you have daily affirmations. The more often you do affirmations, the more course corrections you can apply (up to a certain point anyway, or it may start to get redundant).

This can also feed back the other way up to a point. Granted, it doesn’t matter how many affirmations you do, how strong your intention is, you’ll never be able to completely change your purpose in life, but you may deflect it to a different track that still leads to your purpose. If your purpose is to help people, then it might be possible to choose how you help people. But as you help people, your purpose will get clearer the farther along the path you travel.

Granted, all this won’t help much if you don’t also apply some physical elbow grease to this whole process, i.e. do something physically to move you closer to your goal, like make a phone call, mail a letter, whatever is appropriate. But that’s a different article…