If your goal is the vehicle to get you where you want to go, then your emotions are the fuel to get you there.  Your use of the Law of Attraction is not going to be very effective unless you can charge your requests with emotional content.

Where people usually have the emotional ‘fuel’ is on things they don’t want to happen, I.E. fear of car breaking down, how angry you’ll be if someone does something, how disappointed you’ll be if you don’t get the promotion, and so on.  Every emotion has a charge to it, either positive or negative.  And your desires and goals are batteries.  The more you charge them with positive or negative energy will determine how much force there is behind the desire.  For the attainment of the goals you set using the Law of Attraction, there’s several that are very important and deserve special attention.
The big thing to realize about emotions are they are things that we generate from our beliefs, desires, and interpretations. This is something that most self help gurus point out in their literature.  They color every encounter and event that happens in your life, and they’re things that with practice and understanding, you have almost 100% control of.
This might be hard to believe, but easy to demonstrate.  For example, say you run into a friend at the mall and they’re very abrupt and possibly nasty to you.  You could get angry and think they’re just mean, a jerk, whatever.  Or you could get offended and think of how you can retaliate.  Maybe you become hurt and wonder what you did to deserve the treatment you got from a friend.  But how would you feel if after you’re encounter you call a mutual friend to complain about how you were just treated and found out that the friend in question just found out that their significant other just admitted that they’d been cheating on them and was leaving them for the other person.  All of a sudden, all those emotions change in an instant.  Now maybe you’re mad at yourself for jumping to conclusions, or maybe you feel compassion for your friend because you know they lashed out because they’re hurting inside.  Maybe you even feel like you should go apologize to them for the way you might have just treated them.

The question to ask yourself is, what changed about this situation?  Did your friend magically not treat you the way they did?  Or did your interpretation of why they did what they did change.  Of course, how you interpreted what happened changed how you felt about it, and how you felt changed the emotion you were feeling.  Obviously I could come up with hundreds of examples, but what you should take away from it is that you do have control over how you feel about something.  As soon as you take responsibly for how you feel and realize it’s not something ‘out there’ that’s causing you to feel a certain emotion, but how you’re filtering and interpreting the situation that’s generating the emotion.  Nobody can make you angry, sad, scared, or anything else.  If someone came up to you, put a gun to your head and said they were going to shoot you if you don’t get happy, do you think you’re going to be thinking happy thoughts?  There’s no amount of physical force, threat, or leverage that one person can exert on someone else to force them to feel a certain way.  We can only allow our interpretation of what the other person is doing to cause us to feel a certain feeling/emotion.

Once you can honestly believe this, then you’re going to meet with poor results with trying to use the Law of Attraction, and in my opinion, have a less than optimal life.  You can choose to be happy and joyful now, or you can say it’s something out there and be at the whim of what someone does.  You can either have sunshine and rainbows overhead, or you can have the little storm cloud.  The choice really is yours.  Choose wisely.