This one is the other biggie, and could easily be argued the most important.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide.  Nobody likes a person who’s ungrateful, including the universe.  And just like you wouldn’t keep giving to someone who’s ungrateful for all you’ve given them, the universe won’t bring grant you your ‘wish’ if you’re not grateful for all you currently have.
For some people, maybe a lot of people, being grateful for what they have is a hard thing to do.  People as a general rule focus on all the bad stuff in their life and very rarely give a passing thought for all they do have.  I’ve been guilty of it, but now that I’ve really gotten serious about practicing the Law of Attraction, the more I’m really noticing how good I already have it.  With the exception of new books/reading materials and video games, if nothing broke, I’d be perfectly happy if I was somehow magically transported to a different planet with my plot of land, where all my bills were gone, and I have all the utilities (lights, heat, food, etc) and had no access to get anything else.

I’m realizing how grateful I really am to have everything I currently have.  And with this realization, I’ve noticed that it is actually starting to affect other areas of my life.  I currently work as tech support for one of the large internet providers, so I know high levels of stress.  I’ve always been looking for a business to ‘get me out of there so I can be happy and have less stress’.  I’ve always unconsciously sabotaged myself, and I’ve wondered why I could be so successful in my career, but keep failing when it comes to starting my own business, even when it’s in the same field.  I’ve started realizing a good part of it was that I wasn’t grateful for the job I currently had and how much money I was earning, wasn’t grateful for my health, my family, all the stuff I have, my lovable black and white shelties, or any of the talents I have.  After reading The Attractor Factor and going through The Missing Secret program, both from Joe Vitale, the latter can be found at, I’ve learned that the more gratitude you have, the more the universe wants to give you stuff to be grateful for.

Another great tool for learning to feel grateful is The Secret Gratitude book.  It’s for the most part a specially formatted journal/notebook that you make entries into every day, with instructions on how to use it effectively.  I highly recommend it.

In a nutshell, the more grateful you are for what you have, the more willing the universe is to give you more to be grateful for.  The more ungrateful you are, the more willing the universe is to withhold more good things from you.