This is a hard question to answer, with several layers to the answer.  My personal belief is, Yes it works.  Problem is, because of most people’s upraising, education, experiences, background, and thought process, it can seem that it doesn’t work.

The fact of the matter is, is that it does work, for good or ill.  There are several processes that we’ll explore on this site as to the how and why it works, but when all is said and done, you reap what you sow.

One of the processes involved with how it works I learned from the Effortless Success program from Learning Strategies.  It’s how your reticular cortex gets activated while using the Law of Attraction.  Basically, what the reticular cortex is is the part of the brain that does pattern recognition.  It’s what makes you, if for example you just bought a new car, start seeing the same car everywhere you go.

The way it works in the Law of Attraction is, by focused concentration on your desire, you force your reticular cortex to start allowing you to notice things that can move you towards your goal, things that if you hadn’t set that goal/desire, your brain would have filtered out of your conscious awareness.

For example, say you’re a musician and you decided that you wanted to earn a living with your talent.  So you go through the process of focusing on your goal to earn a living with your talent for music.  Once you set that as a goal and you put focus and emotions behind that goal, you start to notice things that you hadn’t noticed before.  Like on your way to work, going the same way that you take every day, you notice a sign for open mic night at a club or bar.  Granted, that sign may have been up for months, but now that you’ve started focusing on making money with your talent, now you’ve noticed something that may allow you to get in front of people and maybe have a chance at a steady gig at that location.  Or you notice in the classified ads that someone is looking for a backup musician for their band, or maybe a local talent or employment agency has an classified ad looking for a musician to help them create a jingle for their latest commercial.

Not saying at this point that your intention created any of this, (even though it probably did influence it at a higher level), but that it might have been there all along, but now that you’re focusing on the goal of ‘make money with my music talent’, your reticular cortex is not filtering out anything that may allow you to use your talent to make money.
On a higher level, we are all connected at some deep level.  Depending on your beliefs and upbringing, you may not believe this, but anyone who follows the Law of Attraction knows this as a fact.  The idea that we’re all connected at some level is the basis of one theory of why at certain points in history, multiple people separated by hundred and thousands of miles come up with the same invention or idea at almost the same time.  There’s also a good book that touches on the connectedness of everything that I read awhile ago.  It’s called The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.  I think it has a lot of great info in there that may help you understand on a scientific level how the Law of Attraction might function.  It doesn’t deal directly with, or even mention it, but if you know about the Law, you can easily see stuff in this book that could be directly linked to either how it works, or the Law in action.

As I gather stories, either my own personal experiences or from reader submissions, I’ll be posting them under the Experiences section.