One of the biggest arguments that you’re ever going to get about the Law of Attraction is that it’s not scientific.  Well, there’s actually quite a bit of science that shows some of the mechanisms of how the Law of Attraction works, none of which require believing in what some would call ‘mystical’ or magic, although I just think it’s God working with you.  The biggest pieces of science that goes along with the Law of Attraction is a little piece of your brain called the reticular cortex.  This is the part of the brain that filters the information that you can become consciously aware of.

This is a relatively well researched part of the brain and quite a bit of knowledge is know on how it functions.  In a nutshell, how it works is when you start thinking about something, your brain starts focusing on that info and allows things related to that thought/idea to bypass the reticular cortex and make it’s way into your conscious awareness.  For example, you’re thinking about a particular make/model of car (you usually experience this after you purchase a new car),  once you really start thinking about it, all of a sudden it seems like everybody and their brother is driving one.  What happened?

Simply put, those vehicles have always been there, but because you weren’t interested in it at the time, your reticular cortex basically allowed the information to come it, but routed it directly into subconscious/unconscious memory.  Granted it may influence you at some level, but not where you’re aware of it.

However, once you started focusing on the vehicle, your reticular cortex started doing a pattern search to try and match what you’re focusing on with what’s coming in through your senses.  You might hear a sound that you ‘know’ is what that vehicle’s engine sounds like, or you start seeing ads for it in all the papers you read, or you see it everywhere on the road.

What this has to do with the Law of Attraction is this.  If you start focusing on the perfect mate, then you’re going to start doing a pattern match for someone based off the idea of what you either consciously or unconsciously consider ‘the perfect mate’.  The more you define what you consider ‘the perfect mate’  the more precise the pattern matching is going to be for who you’re looking for.  This is just basic physiology and psychology.  You’re brain starts pattern matching what you’re focusing on, and it allows it to pass into conscious awareness.

What is strong, experimentally proven but still sounds like magic is found in the tiny world of subatomic particles.  Scientists have known for many years now that observation of sub-atomic particle can have a direct effect on the observation.  In other words, if you think (to keep it very simple) that a particle is going to go left, then even if numerous scientists have observed it to go right, it’s more than likely to go left.  There’s actually a theory that a lot of the subatomic particles that have been discovered in recent years were actually generate by the scientists thoughts and desires to find said particles.  One example dealt with scientists in Russia and the USA researching the same particle, but this particle (was a Neutrino) exhibited different properties depending on if you were in the U.S. or in Russia.  In Russia, the neutrino had mass, whereas in the US it was massless.  After a lot of other researchers started investigating, more and more research facilities started to detect that the neutrino had mass.  It came down to who had more ‘proof’ to impose what the properties of the particle had before everyone ‘believed’ what properties it should have.  Another example was a particle called an Anomalon, which at least back in 1991, was a particle that had different properties depending on which lab you worked at.

A direct result of the intent of the researcher impacting what was observed.  It’s also evidence of these types of effects being non-local, meaning it didn’t matter where you were, just that your observation affected the outcome everywhere.  I’m pretty sure this information came out of the book Holographic Universe Theory by Michael Talbot.  I’ll verify when I get the chance.

Another area that has scientific evidence that the Law of Attraction can work deals in a part of the brain that contains what are called Mirror Neurons.  These neurons are part of the basis for empathy.  It’s also the process that NLP uses to ‘model’ behaviors.  Basically, when you observe something happening, for example someone dancing, the mirror neurons in your brain fire in the same pattern as they would if you were actually doing the same thing, irrespective of whether you actually danced.  It’s one of the processes that allow us to process body language effectively.  They’ve shown that people that don’t have properly functioning mirror neurons have problems relating to people.

With this being said, how this would allow the Law of Attraction work would be to allow other people who can help you with your request to pick up on your subconscious and unconscious queues and body language that you give off in relation to your request, thereby attracting them to you.  Then with the complex interaction on the subconscious and unconscious levels between you and them, the topic will somehow have a tendency to reveal that the person you’re interacting with may be able to help you with your request.  Goes under the idea that ‘like attracts like’.  This is the same principle I feel that allows you to go to a party full of strangers, and you somehow find the persons that have a lot in common with you.  You go there with some level of belief/intent that you’re not going to find anyone to talk to, but since your mind ignores negative works, what your body language is actually saying is you’re looking for someone to talk to and that I might share your interests.

I see this happen all the time in my life.  Some of my interests are martial arts, knife collecting, and photography, among other things.  Almost invariably, when I start talking to new people, somewhere in the conversation, one of those topics are going to come up.  It’s not something I set out to do or expect, but it happens more often than chance would allow for.

I recently listened to a podcast (Found Here Look for the 9/26/10 episode entitled Biological Proof that the Law of Attraction is real).  This is an hour long interview with a neuroscientist that has shown clinical evidence through brain-scan imaging that the Law of Attraction is real.  It was a pretty good interview.  The scientist in question wrote the book Life Unlocked.  It’s a book on how to reduce or eliminate fear and the effects of fear in your life, which has such far ranging benefits that even if you never believe in the Law of Attraction, it would still be of benefit to read.

That’s some of the scientific evidence for the Law of Attraction and how it can work, irrespective of your religious beliefs or whether it seems like mystical mumbo-jumbo to you or something similar..