This is the area where I will post my experiences with the Law of Attraction. Once I start getting enough examples and permissions, I’ll create another page to post other people’s experiences.  In the meantime, hopefully something on this page  will inspire you to experiment with the Law of Attraction.

The house I’m living in is a good example of how the Law of Attraction works.  About 3 years prior to me purchasing it, I had made a list of things that my house would need to make it somewhere I would want to live.  Among the items were:

  • Had to have a stream running through the property.
  • Had to have a basement.
  • Had to have woods surrounding it.
  • Had to have a decent amount of land with it
  • At least 2,000 sq ft
  • Scenic view.

Everything on this list was fulfilled to the letter or better.  My house has almost 2,800, has an in-law apartment for my Mom to live in, which is almost 900 sq ft by itself, my daughter has almost 400 sq ft for her bedroom.  I’ve got a little stream that runs through the property diagonally from one corner to the other, and is close enough to the house that when you sit in the living room, if you’re quiet, you can usually hear it babbling along.  Behind the house is several square miles of woodland.  We’ve got wildlife that comes through our yard all the time, and as for view, we live on the side of a mountain near the valley portion, so we normally have a good breeze.  During the summer, we almost never need even a fan, let alone an A/C.  And finally, it’s got a 2 car garage and basement.  Basically everything that was on my list or better.

I wrote a request for having an income of 6 figures at about the same time.  At the time, I was earning about $40,000 between my full time job and a part time job.  After writing it, within about 6 months, I got fired from my full time job, so had to basically work 2 full time jobs to cover the expenses we had. Basically went down to about   $35,000 a year.  I was working about 80+ hours a week, living off of naps between jobs (1 hr between my day job and night job), naps on all my breaks and lunches, and a 3 hour sleep period in my own bed before starting the whole cycle all over again, 7 days a week.  Did that for about 9 months.  By the 6 month mark, a friend of mine suggested applying for a job where he worked.  He had left one of the companies I worked for (he sat in a cubicle about 2 rows over from me) to work at another company.

I applied to the company and didn’t think much more about it.  At the 9 month mark, they asked me to come in and do some testing.  Took the tests and passed.  Right at the 10th month mark, I got hired at the new company.  That was at the end of January 2007.  By the end of that year, I had cleared somewhere around $80,000.  Since that time, I haven’t made less than $105,000 with the overtime I work, which is less hours than when I was working the full time and part time job trying to clear $40,000.

Also on that list was a desire for a 2nd car.  At that time, our credit was bad, so not able to qualify for any type of vehicle loan.  It just so happened that when I got my new, good paying job, my mom wasn’t able to keep up the payments on her new car and was in danger of losing it.  Well, because of the new job, I was able to take over the payments, and since I had gotten the new house, she was able to move in with us and still use the car.  Might not have been the car we would have chosen, but it was a new car that we didn’t have to worry about qualifying for a loan for.

The format I used to create these requests was the one out of the 11th Element.  Hopefully this will give you a place to start.