Curious about the Law of Attraction?

* Wondering how it relates to what science says is possible?
* Asking yourself if this is something the bible is against?
* Not sure if you should try using the Law of Attraction if I’m a (fill in your beliefs?
* What is it exactly?
* Etc….

Welcome, If you made it here, it’s for at least two of the following three reasons.

1) You were interested in finding out more about what the law of attraction is. You’ve either heard about it, have a hazy and possibly inaccurate notion of what it is, or were looking for another resource to delve further into the Law of Attraction.

2) You accidentally stumbled upon this site, either because you typed something in wrong, or something caught your eye and through clicking away through searches and sites, got here. If that’s the case, again welcome and hopefully you’ll find something of worth here. and

3) Because the Law of Attraction works and through my intention to have visitors, it pulled you here to the site, fulfilling the intention I had when I started working on this site.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the Law of Attraction, this can sound like crazy talk, but if you keep an open mind as you investigate, you may change your mind. I hope to provide enough examples, resources, and anecdotal evidence that it may change your mind. As you delve into the topic, you’re going to find people who have had miraculous things happen to them, come into their life, and have things happen that can only be explained by either the Law of Attraction, or incredible luck/chance/coincidence. If it only happens once, then maybe it CAN be ruled out as luck/chance/coincidence. But how do you explain when it keeps happening to the same people over and over? For most other laws of the universe, we ‘discovered’ them by observing something and creating theories. People kept noticing the same think happening over and over again and were able to determine the cause/effect. Same thing is happening with the Law of Attraction.

Will there ever be a “Hard Scientific Proof” that it works. No, probably not for a lot of reasons, a lot of which I hope to cover on this site. But then again, we can see the effects of gravity, but we don’t know what that is either. We can just see the effects of it. Or maybe a better example would be flight/aerodynamics. We could see things that could fly, but we weren’t able to determine the mechanics behind it for hundreds of years. Some people thought it had to do with the gaps between the feathers of birds on the upstroke and the closing of the gaps on the downstroke of their wings. We now know that it has to do with the shape of the wing as air travels across the surfaces created by the wings. We now know a lot about aerodynamics, but we’re still learning more and refining the theory every day, like how speed effects aerodynamics, etc. These are just a couple examples that I came up with to try and stoke your interest. Hopefully it has.

For those of you who know what it is, you may just smile at another example of how it works because you found me. Hopefully I can help you on your path to using the Law of Attraction in your life. Only time will tell.

Again, thanks for visiting my site and have a wonderful, Attractive Life.