This is the area which causes people to believe the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.  People will say, “If it’s a Law, how come it doesn’t work?”  What they don’t realize is, it is working, just not in the way they want.

Other laws of nature are pretty self evident.  We can see the effect, we can duplicate the effect, end of story.  Problem with those laws is, they are self contained.  Whether we observe them or not, they take place.

The Law of Attraction is different.  Our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and desires, both conscious and unconscious, along with others thoughts, have an affect on the outcome.  It’s like trying to pick the winner of a horse race when the jockeys, weather and track conditions, and the horses themselves keep changing numerous times during the race.
Under the ‘telling others’ section, I’ll try to go into the pros and cons of telling other people about your goals, but for now, I’m just going to touch on the fact that other people’s goals, desires, emotions, and beliefs can have a strong impact on your goals.

That’s the first area that can cause the Law of Attraction ‘not’ to work.  The second area is your own beliefs, thoughts, and desires.  This can be basically broken down into two areas:

  • Your conscious thoughts, emotions, desires, and beliefs
  • Your unconscious thoughts, emotions, desires, and beliefs

We’ll start with your conscious stuff.  The last time you made a mistake, did you happily tell yourself “hey, that’s awesome, now I know what doesn’t work so next time I’ll do better” or did you say to yourself something along the lines of “You idiot, how could you screw up something this important?”  I’m betting closer to the second thought as opposed to the first.  I know I suffer from this myself, but I’m working to correct my thinking when it happens to try and get in the habit of only thinking good of myself.

Your emotional state has an immense impact on the workings of the Law of Attraction.  Negative thoughts attract negative situations.  Likewise, positive thoughts and emotions attract more of the same.  Every author that writes about the Law of Attraction say the same things on this.  One of them being that the Law of Attraction doesn’t see don’t, won’t, not, can’t, etc.  With this in mind, you can see how most ‘goals’ aren’t really what you’re hoping for.  For example, having a goal of ‘I don’t want my car to break down’ gets heard by the universe as ‘I want my car to break down’.  Was also adds insult to injury is along with saying this to ourselves, we usually go through our own little ‘internal home movie’ seeing all the horrible ways your car can break down, how negatively it’s going to affect you if it breaks down, and/or reliving previous times it broke down on you.  All this internal dialogue just makes the universe believe your desire is for your car to break down and one day, most likely at the worst possible moment, POOF! your car breaks down and you have a self-fulfilling prophecy.  How do you think these prophecies happen.  It’s because either one person, or a bunch of people focus on the same thing happening over and over and it eventually happens.

So one of the big things to guard against is negative thinking.  That’s the ‘easy’ part.  Easy being relative.  Learning to break the habit of negative thinking, (and yes, negative thinking is a habit), is hard work and prone to backsliding until you become skilled in the habit of positive thinking, but it’s something that you can be consciously aware of. The same can’t be said for your unconscious thoughts, which is usually the major source for why people think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

Your unconscious thoughts and desires play a very strong role in how the Law of Attraction works.  Numerous studies point out that we only use around 10% of our mental capabilities in general.  I think it’d would be better to say we only consciously use 10% of our mental abilities.  I feel the other 90% is our unconscious mind working.  I seen several good examples of this the other day on a tv show called “Super Human”.  It’s a show from Stan Lee.  On it, Stan has a person go around the globe looking for people he feels exhibits superhuman abilities.  Two stories immediately come to mind.

The first one was of the samurai who’s able to cut bb’s fired from something like 50-100 feet away with his sword.  If that wasn’t enough, he’s actually drawing the sword and cutting the bb in one fluid swipe.  So picture this.  Imagine you’re in the end zone of a football field.  Someone is getting ready to shoot a bb at you from the 25 yard line.  Your hands are in your pockets.  Your only job is to try and catch the bb when the person fires it.  You don’t know when it’s going to happen, just that it’s going to happen shortly after you give the sign that you’re ready.  How successful do you think you’re going to be?  How about after 100 tries.  Now keep in mind this bb is travelling at about 200 mph.
This guy, on the first attempt, had it bounce off the flat side of the blade.  In other words, if the cutting edge was coming straight at you, the thickness of the blade would be what you’d see.  You would just barely see the flats of the blade because of it’s wedge shape.  That’s how it bounced off the flat, not because he had it turned sideways to have the flat facing the bb.  The second attempt he actually did chop a corner section off of it.  Again, he had his sword in the sheath when the guy fired, and he pulled it out and sliced the bb in one fluid motion.  What makes it even more interesting was they used slow motion video to record every time he did a cut, and I noticed every time he got the sword out of the scabbard, just an instant before the cut (I’d say the blade was about 8-15 inches from the target) he was closing his eyes.  So not only is he doing all this, but he’s literally doing it with his eyes closed at the last moment.  There’s no way to process all this information consciously in that amount of time.  It’s all happening unconsciously.  He even stated he didn’t know how he was doing it.  Before the bb test, they tested his reflex speed.  He was above average, but not by very much, so he wasn’t doing it with super fast reflexes.  Just his unconscious mind.

The second story that I saw was from the, I believe, world memory champion.  Their test for him was to go to something like a home depot and shop for 2-3 hours and put over 60 items in the basket.  His job was to see the item and remember the price of the item.  He actually beat the register with his memory and accuracy.  They did a MRI brain scan and determined he was using closer to 30% of his brain’s capacity.

That’s just two examples of the power of the unconscious mind.  And that also points out where the problem is.  Once something becomes operational in the unconscious mind, we for the most part lose the ability to realize that it’s actually operating.  It just does it’s thing and we get on with our life.  Not saying it’s a bad thing (it would suck if we always had to concentrate on how to walk, or how to drive a car), but it is something that we have to be aware of.  Some things in the unconscious mind are easier to manipulate and change than other things.  For example, it’s a lot easier to adjust how you walk than it is to change how you laugh.  Those are physical attributes that you can see functioning, so it’s easy to notice and change them.  What’s harder to change is your beliefs, since the only outward sign that they’re there is how you act or react.  For example, the thought ‘women can’t be good at math/science’  is a belief.  Granted, women process information differently, but I’m not entirely convinced that it’s related to physical differences.  I think it’s greatly influenced by upbringing.  Point is, there’s a lot of women who are good at math.  It’s a stereotype.  Stereotypes are beliefs.   I’m going to try and give you a lot of different exercises and tools to try and recognize and change your internal belief systems and address problems that might be caused by your unconscious mind, but it might not be easy.  Other people might be able to help you work through this better than trying to go it alone since we usually have blind spots where our beliefs are.

Our emotions are all powerful with how effective the Law of Attraction work.  I’ve devoted a full section to just this topic.

So to recap, the three main areas where blockages to the Law of Attraction working the way we’d like is:

  • Other people’s emotions, beliefs, desires, and thoughts
  • Our conscious emotions, beliefs, desires, and thoughts
  • Our unconscious beliefs, desires, and thoughts

Hopefully this information will start to help you get better results with your use of the Law of Attraction.