When investigating the Law of Attraction, everyone will advise you over and over that you have to have faith and believe that it works in order for it to work. Without said belief, it’s very unlikely you’ll get any positive results for your efforts. In fact, one of the main cornerstones of the Law of Attraction is, “If you can conceive it and believe it, then you can receive it”.

This one aspect of the Law of Attraction stops more people in their tracks than any other aspect. New practitioners get into a negative feedback loop of not seeing the results they want. This makes it more difficult to believe it works. This in turn makes it even more likely that they’ll have positive results. This downward spiral is what will cause most people to come to the conclusion that the Law of Attraction is a bunch of bull and doesn’t work.

This becomes an even bigger issue if the first goals are significant to the practitioner. The bigger they are, the harder it is to develop the necessary belief to allow the Law of Attraction to pull it to the practitioner. This is akin to someone who’s never picked up a baseball bat going out to the plate and hitting a grand slam home run. Is it possible, sure. Is it probable? Not really.

What is usually a much better option is to start out small. Use situations that would likely work out in your favor. That way, if it does work in your favor, you can use that situation to anchor the success. Granted, you could use the argument that it would have worked without using the Law of Attraction, but that’s not the point. The point is to get your subconscious mind used to both the process of making the request and to having a successful outcome. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between reality and something you strongly imagined. By going through the steps to make a valid request, irrespective of how serious or important the request is, you’re giving your mind both an example and a positive feeling of how a request is made and how you feel when it comes to pass.

Once you get enough experience with having these insignificant requests coming out the way you want, then it’s time to apply the process to slightly more important requests. Once you have several successes under your belt at this level, then you take the next progressive step upwards. It’s a matter of taking baby steps before you start walking, walking before running. You wouldn’t expect a baby to go from just being able to turn over to being able to run, so why should we expect to be able to go from never having consciously using the Law of Attraction to being able to get huge positive results. In almost every other area of life, it’s an impractical expectation, so why have it for this?

If you can understand this basic concept, then you’re most likely to get good results from your experiments with using the Law of Attraction in your life.