One of the biggest things I like to do is read reviews of books to determine whether it’s something I want to spend my money on.  Granted, the people who are leaving the reviews could be lying about the content of the book (I’ve seen that several times, usually with stock trading books, but that’s another story), I can usually get a good feeling about whether it’s going to be worth my effort to look into further or just purchase outright based off the reviews.

The second thing is that most people can afford to get a book, either used or new, at least once a month.  This makes it an affordable way to start educating yourself on the Law of Attraction and related topics, whereas programs can be significantly more expensive, and seminars possibly more so if you add in travel and lodging costs.  So books make it more accessible to people who want to learn.  Obviously the web has a lot more, and other than possibly internet costs, is the most cost effective way to learn.  I just personally like books because I can make notes, highlight passages, and basically have something physical in my hands that doesn’t cause eyestrain.

Since I’m not an expert reviewer, but I am a prolific reader (I read about 1-3 books a week, along with working 50-70 hours a week, about 10 hours of video games, plus college work for electronics engineering. And yes, I only sleep about 4 hours a night).  If I didn’t work so many hours, I’d probably be reading about 8-10 books a week like I used to when I was a kid.

What I hope to accomplish with this section is either my thoughts on the book in question, or possibly my experience with the material covered in the book.  Some of the stuff I’ll review here is directly related to the Law of Attraction (I.E. The Secret), indirectly related (The Sedona Method), theoretical stuff (The Holographic Universe), or something that helps express a certain viewpoint that relates to the material presented on this site.
As with all books and book reviews, your milage/experience may be different than mine since you’re coming from a different place, so take the reviews for what they are, a guidepost to give you an indication on how they might help you.
Hopefully this section will be of use to you. I know it’ll be of use to me because I’ll have to internalize the materials more fully so I can explain it better.
So enjoy.