This is the book that kinda got me started down the path of the Law of Attraction.  The title sounds sinister, but it’s actually referring to controlling your own mind.  There’s a lot of the Law of Attraction in this book in my opinion, but a lot of other material that’s not part of the main Law of Attraction curriculum.

This is some of the material I used when I first started thinking about when I wanted to purchase my first house.  One of the main things this book goes into is how to go into “Alpha State”, which is their shorthand for getting their brainwaves to be primarily in Alpha frequency via certain meditative methods.  While I’m not going to get to deeply into why that’s important in this review, I will touch on the highlights.

The Alpha brain wave state is important for several reasons:

  • It allows accelerative learning, meaning you can learn stuff faster
  • It can short circuit your conscious, logical “thought editor” that is critical of anything you think about (i.e. that inner critic that’s telling you you can’t do something, you’re not good enough, etc).  Once this has been quieted, you’re able to more easily believe that something is possible because you can’t see the negative possibilities.  In his own words, the author states that if you try to have negative or destructive thoughts that you’ll automatically drop out of Alpha state.
  • Your body’s natural healing mechanisms are naturally boosted to higher levels while in Alpha state.  This means you heal faster from injuries and diseases.  According to the book, they’ve had spontaneous healing of physical injuries during seminars because they were in such a strong Alpha brainwave state.
  • Reduction in stress levels since stress can’t exist when in Alpha brain wave state.
  • Improved memory recall.

There’s a lot more benefits to being in this state, some of which Centerpointe Research base their entire holosync program off of.  It’s also the brainwave state that you are trying to induce when you meditate in general.  It’s just that during normal meditation, you’re just trying to quiet your mind, whereas this program is trying to teach you how to do something active in this state.

I probably read the sections on how to use this method a few times a year to act as a refresher.  When I first read it many years ago, I thought some of what they listed as benefits/results to expect were somewhat outlandish or impossible, when layered over the backdrop of the Law of Attraction, it seems a lot more plausible.  I recommend getting it from the library to review, but I feel that anyone serious in pursuing the Law of Attraction should have it on their shelf right next to The Secret.  It’s a very complementary book that comes at it from a slightly different direction.