If you don’t know what a word means, it’s kinda hard to follow a train of thought. Hence this section so we all know what we’re talking about. Granted, I don’t have a lot here yet, but I do plan to add and update this section quite a bit…

  • Binaural Beat: It’s a method to use two different audio tones (using stereo headphones, one tone in each ear) to cause a phantom audio tone to be heard in the mind. Can be used to entrain the brain to go to alpha brainwave state. More can be found here on Wikipedia.
  • Law of Attraction: What most of this site is about. It’s the belief that if you ask for something of the Universe, it tends to provide it or something better to you
  • LoA : Law of Attraction
  • Unconscious Mind: Basically, the general that controls your life (God is like the President, insofar as he can control/impact everything/one). It’s the one that issues orders to your conscious mind through emotions, feelings, and habits.
    Your conscious mind is usually like an enlisted soldier, your intentions are like the NCO’s, and your feelings/emotions are the Officers. If you work hard, you can get your conscious mind to get promoted up the ranks, maybe as high as being on the General staff. When you make a request, it gets passed up the chain of command to eventually the general, who reviews it to make sure it’s in your best interest. And just like in the military, the higher up the chain of command, the wider the scope of vision involved. A foot soldier may have a great idea from his point of view (let’s clear that building), whereas the general, because they can see more of the battlefield, may say (yeah, that’s a great idea. Go to it) or he might just say no because he can see that he has a special forces unit sneaking in the back to deal with the situation.
    So if you don’t get exactly what you want, you need to keep your eye open for the ?something better? that’s coming your way.
  • Universe: When I say universe on this site, it’s going to mean different things to different people. For me, it means God and the abilities he’s given us to use.