How do you know you’re making progress…? Like anything else in life, if you don’t keep track of how you’re doing/results you’re getting, then how do you know you’re improving/getting the results you want? With the Law of Attraction, you normally don’t get immediate, or in most cases, even what would be considered fast results.

If you make a request of the universe and it takes 6 months to manifest, without keeping some type of record, you’re more likely to feel the LoA doesn’t work. The Law of Attraction takes place in its own time and unless you’re making a record of your requests, the results can pass by without you even being aware of it because it comes in a way you weren’t expecting.

The best method in my opinion is to have 2 journals. A full one and one you can carry with you to take notes and write down requests. This would be transferred to the big journal at the first convenient time. Id also suggest reviewing and possibly rewriting all open requests at least once a week. That helps keep it fresh in your mind so you’re more likely to notice when you have a result.

So get your journals and much success in your endeavors…