I think I might have figured out what my other self was referring to yesterday. I was reading one of my ebooks on creating an article writing business. I had read the ebook before but was looking at it again for some pointers when I came across one of the books it recommended I get.

Strangely enough, the book was simply called “Focus” from Leo Babauta. Even better is that you can download it for free from his website. He’s sharing it with everyone that wants a copy and even went so far as to put it out into the public domain. This means you can do whatever you want with the book, use as much of the content in whatever you want. You could even go so far as to put it as a download on your site for free as well, and may very well be something I do myself once I read it and see how valuable it is.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have it up on the site later today, but might have to actually double it up tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.