An app that I’ve found very beneficial is Ambiscience brainpower. Now this app isn’t as flexible as I would like, it does a great job doing what it’s designed for.

What this app does is use binaural beats and isochronic beats to force your brain to certain levels, namely alpha and theta, but it does have a beta frequency one for helping you focus and wake up.

It’s a great little app. On weeks that I work a lot of overtime, I tend to take naps on my breaks. This app let’s me fall asleep almost immediately, or at least drop down to alpha/theta level. If you’re fully rested, it also helps you meditate and gets you to alpha or theta brainwave levels pretty effortlessly. These are the same levels most experts either directly, or by description of exercises they’re recommending, indirectly guide you to.

Having something mechanically get you to those levels and keeping you there is a great help. Unless you have years of training, most people have a hard time getting there and an even more difficult time staying there. This gets you there within minutes usually and keeps you there without effort so you can focus on your Law of Attraction request.

Now as a disclaimer, I’m not getting any financial compensation for this, I’m just a very satisfied customer that’s been using it for something like a year…