In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons people don’t get the most out of using the Law of Attraction is because of the mistaken belief that it’s an instant fix for what ails your life. In other words, using the Law of Attraction is like buying a lottery ticket.

I have yet to meet someone who’s bought a lottery ticket that didn’t think their chances were good at winning the jackpot, but all they really are at that point is a few dollars poorer. Using the principles of LOA can be a lot like that. Sure, there are people who try it for the first time and get exactly what they wanted, just like someone who buys a ticket sometimes wins.

The problem is, is that if they don’t ‘win’ their prize, they feel it doesn’t work or somethings wrong with either how they did it or what they wanted. They almost never think about how it might just take a while to get to them. The Law of Attraction is more like an investment account rather than a lottery ticket.

Just like the journey to financial freedom usually takes awhile, has some twists and turns, some type of learning curve, some surprises, and other thing you don’t plan for, as long as you keep following the process, eventually your deposits will start to bear fruit.

The big thing to keep in mind on your journey to a successful life is holding the course, have faith that the Law of Attraction is working for you, and to stay the course. Sooner or later, you’ll get what you desire or something even better.

In the meantime, learn all you can about the process, find mentors to help you through the stuck points, learn to clear out the inner negative clutter of your mind, and believe you truly deserve what you desire and that you will one day get it. It’ll be one interesting journey with a happy ending.