I’m slowing trying to build a business around the hours I have available when I’m not at work. That being said, trying to find prospects and clients is rather difficult. I’m usually doing 20 hours of overtime a week. My normal work shift is 4p-midnight, where my OT shift is usually 9am to somewhere between 1p-1:30p. That being said, not a lot of time to prospect for business.

My intention that I’ve been focusing on over the past few months has been to attract business to me one way or another. In the middle of January, I got something in my eye, something that I wound up needing to file a workers comp claim.? This happened at about 10:30pm at night.? The next morning, it had gotten worse, so I had to go to urgent care because my normal doctor didn’t handle workers comp claims. Once at the urgent care, I was referred to an eye doctor in the same building. Went up to that eye doctor and while they were checking my eye out, we chit-chatted about what I did, etc. I happened to mention how I was trying to build my own business and he asked me what I had to offer. I gave about a 30 second overview of what it was and how it could help their business. The Dr. told me to make an appointment to come back and talk to their office manager to show them what I had to offer. Plans were made to go out there two weeks ago Tuesday, but because their employee called out due to an emergency, they couldn’t see me. Called them last Thursday to reschedule and they said I could come this Tuesday to give my presentation. Didn’t realize that it was Valentine’s day until after I set the appointment and got of the phone.

Let my wife know of my slight blunder and decided to celebrate it today instead and went out to lunch at a place we’ve never been before.

Need to break here to explain what happens next. When we bought our house 4 years ago, we used our pastor’s wife’s brother’s real estate company. We’ll call him Sam (not his real name). We used the service that I’m now marketing to facilitate the purchase. At that point in time, the agent he assigned to us made jokes and negative remarks about the service, so Sam had no interest in the service whatsoever.

Fast forward to Christmas service at our church. Sam happened to be there and during conversation, mentioned that I was actively marketing the service now. Without any prompting, he said to call him the first week of January to schedule an appointment.
Due to events that happened on New Year’s eve, completely dropped the ball on calling to schedule an appointment. Been trying to figure out a way to give him a call without it seeming awkward.
This brings us back to today. Because of a scheduling mistake caused by needing to reschedule an appointment due to an employee calling out and causing the first appointment that was scheduled from a conversation that I had with an eye Dr. that came from a referral from an appointment that was made at urgent care for a workers comp claim because I couldn’t see my regular Dr because they didn’t do workers comp claims, I was now taking my wife out to a restaurant that we’d never been to before for our Valentine day lunch together. We hadn’t been there more than 15 min when Sam walks in. Said hi and chit-chatted with him for a few minutes. Asked him if he came here often and he said he only came once every 3-4 months, and today happened to be that day.
Now I can call him and say something along the lines of “hey, I realized after I saw you the other day that I never got the chance to call you and schedule that appointment. How’s next xxxxx sound”.
How would someone plan for something like this…? With the Law of Attraction, it happens more often than one would expect.