Having a couple of technical challenges with the site migration.

1) I had copied/pasted from my original web design software into a word doc and dumped into my dropbox account so when I had finished getting my hosting set up, I could start working on the site with my tablet. Figured out that this is what’s causing the weird artifacts on the site. Figured out it’s going to be quicker/simpler to just copy from the software and paste into notepad to strip all formatting info, then copy out of notepad and paste into WordPress. It means I have to redo some work, but in the long run it’ll save a lot of time and work. Downside is I have to do it from my laptop, so not as handy to do.

2) WordPress app on android OS is quirky. Depending on how I routed through the menus, I either got the HTML editor or visual editor for pages. Not consistent between the menus. Causing the initial formatting of site to take much more work, but now a moot point due to reason 1.

More to come tho…. So please stand by… Or sit as is your preference…..