The light at the end of the tunnel is finally approaching. The forced overtime for where I work is supposed to be coming to an end tentatively next week. Granted, it was some nice money coming in for all the hours I worked, but there was quite a few times I would have preferred the time off instead of the paycheck. Either way, it’s coming to a close, so hopefully next week I can get back on track with my review of Photoreading.

For the little bit of time I was able to practice it, I can still see a marked impact on some areas of myself. As I mentioned previously, one of the things I did a photoread of was a thesaurus. I’m still noticing my vocabulary has significantly expanded from what it was before I tried the experiment.

I’ve been using much more descriptive words in my writing and speech, above and beyond what I would normally use. I keep catching myself using words that, while I might have known them previously, are actually coming out at appropriate times. This tells me that there’s much more that I want to try it on to see how it affects me.

Hopefully we won’t have any more major disasters on the East Coast and I’ll be able to proceed with my practice. Thanks again for hanging around during this dry spell.