Is via body language, and since I believe this unconscious communication is one facet of how the Law of Attraction functions, then I can’t help but wonder how much of this communication path is cultural, and how much is universal. As our world cultures become closer for whatever the reason, whether it’s from the internet, tv, news, etc. I wonder how much information gets transmitted between cultures to allow the LoA to flow.

Along the same lines, how much gets blocked due to cultural  differences. Would studying another’s culture make a difference? How about language?  Does the body language flow from the verbal component, or vice versa? How we talk to ourselves and what we say is how we set our expectations for things to come. What we dwell on in our mind has an uncanny ability to become our reality. If you dwell on everything that could go wrong, then almost invariably, something you imagined manifests into reality. Now it might not be exact, but it’ll be close enough for you to recognize it for what it is if you keep an open mind.

From my teenage years studying the occult, there was one thing that always perplexed me. Why were incantations always in a different language? The Kabala seemed to like to focus on Hebrew, Norse tradition focused on the Elder Futhark. Now while we, assuming English speaking for the moment but valid for other languages, probably understand at a basic level what’s being said,  why don’t we use our own native language when ‘casting’ these ‘spells’? I think because they’re foreign, we unconsciously feel they have more ‘power’, and so they do. It goes back to belief. If we can believe, we can achieve. I personally feel that most culture’s ‘magic spellcasting’ for the most part, is nothing more that a ritualistic method to invoke the Law of Attraction, and because it’s a process that’s been repeated numerous times, the people that perform the process have an unconscious body language that reinforces the process.

With all this rambling I’m doing in this post, I guess the main point is how much does the language, both spoken and unspoken, help influence how the Law of Attraction functions, for better or worse…?