I currently work for a large utility company (can’t say who without getting into trouble) that was severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’Easter that hit all the neighboring states of NY/NJ/PA. If you’ve been watching the weather and new reports, you know that a lot of areas, especially NYC, got devastated by the storm(s).

With that in mind, the company I work for has mandated since about 5 days after the storm, 12 hour/7 day a week forced days. My normal work shift is 4p-midnight. The forced time is 11:30a to midnight Monday – Saturday, and last Sunday we had to work 7a-7p. This means I got out of work at Midnight, got home at 1am, proceeded to get up at 5:45am to be to work at 7am for another 12 hour shift.

I’ve quite literally have not had time to do really any reading whatsoever. This week they’re starting to slow down to the point where we’re ‘only’ working 10 hour days. Quite honestly, I’m not sure when they’re going to end the forced overtime, but I’m hoping it’s by this weekend so I can start doing the Photoreading stuff again. Unfortunately, since I live and work in upstate NY, how long this forced overtime commitment lasts is anyone’s guess.

If I had to hazard a guess, we’ll be going back to voluntary overtime next week, but if we get hit by any type of storm within the next week or two, I’m fully expecting them to reinstate (assuming they haven’t stopped) forced overtime again because the newly repaired infrastructure is so fragile at this point.

Sorry for the inconvenience…