It unfortunately comes down to the fact that we had one of our pets leave a nice “present” on our bed that soaked all the sheets, blankets, and feather mattress that we leave on top of the normal mattress. That being said, because of how much needed to be washed and bulkiness of it, we had to go to the laundromat the past two nights between the hours of 1:30am – ~3:30am.

By the time we got home, I really wasn’t up to doing anything, let alone going through a mental exercise (would probably have fallen asleep), and then write a review of what it was that I did. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get back up to speed and start filling in some of the other background from the course that relates to the meditations.

On another note, I’m writing this update from my tablet, so there’s probably going to be typo’s, but once I get to my main system, I’ll correct all my grammer and spelling mistakes, if there are any. I’ll try and post later tonight/tomorrow morning.