Finally starting to get over this cold or whatever it is. While I’ve been recovering, have been going through some of the old books I used to read as a teenager. One of the books I came across was a book by Gini Graham Scott, PhD.

The book was about Shamanism and different types of rituals. The book was Copyrighted in 1991. Why this is all important is because exercise 9 in the book is titled: Creating a Gateway into Another Reality. What’s funny is this is the ONLY exercise in the whole book that I bookmarked nearly 20 years ago.

This exercise goes on to explain how to jump into another reality. It’s almost exactly step-by-step instructions that is provided in the Quantum Jumping program. About the only real differences is that the Shamanic exercise has you first erect a protective field around yourself, has you approach a blank wall that you either have the option of seeing a door start opening or to use your power object to cut a doorway, and finally, it has you meet either a familiar, spirit guide, or something similar as opposed to your doppelganger.

I couldn’t believe the similarities between the two programs. It’s literally like Burt read this exercise and just paraphrased every step of the process and promoted his re-written copy of the exercise. If you’re interested in looking into it further, the Amazon link for this book is here:

Shamanism and Personal Mastery

Not sure why this edition of the book says it’s the first edition from 1998 since I have the same exact book, same publisher, same exact pagecount, but copyright date of 1991. Not sure if there’s any differences, but was still an interesting book nonetheless.