So I’ll be ready to start the program next week. I remember now why I didn’t do anything with the program. While the quantum jumping meditations are rather good, the “filler” material in between each guided meditation leaves something to be desired.

Before the first meditation starts, the author is adamant that what you’re doing with his program is jumping to a different dimension. Right after the first meditation, he starts to become less and less sure about what’s actually happening. All he’s sure of is that it works.

I don’t mind questioning what you’re teaching, but if you’re saying you don’t know what’s going on 3+ times per 10-15 minute track, sometimes significantly more, then you really need to do two things.

  1. Admit from the very beginning of the program that it’s your theory about what’s happening. Don’t try to use clever speech to try and bend scientific theories to promote your personal theories.
  2. After admitting you’re note 100% sure of what actually happens during the guided meditations, do keep repetitively stating you don’t know what’s actually happening.

With that said, if you can slog through the parts in between each meditation session, you can find several nuggets of information that makes it worth listening to.

I’m not going to give my theory/thoughts on what’s actually taking place when you’re doing a quantum jump meditation or how the PDQ system actually works. I don’t have a lot of scientific background to back up my theory of what’s happening, but I do plan on writing a post on what I think is actually happening during a “jump” that I think strikes much closer to the truth and is more in line with other evidence from other practitioners, like Napoleon Hill.

Either way, stay tuned to my thoughts on how the program is progressing, starting next week. Hopefully nothing will come up to derail my experiment.