Here’s the area that shows you’re really getting serious because you’re willing to make much more significant investment in your education.  With that being said, it’s even more important to know that you’re going to get your money’s worth out of what you’re buying.  Most programs start at least at the $100 mark and quickly go up from there.  I’ve seen several that go past the $1,000 and I got one that lists at over $1,500.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to scare anyone away from getting programs like what I’m describing, I’m just saying that it’s a good indication that you really are serious if you’re going to plunk down that much money for something that you’re not sure is worth the money.

I’ve gotten programs, not necessarily related to Law of Attraction or even self help in general, that I couldn’t believe I spend the money on it, and it wasn’t that much money (under $50), but I still wished I could have found some reviews on it before I bought it.
That’s what I’m hoping to do here.  I’m going to try and give an unbiased review of programs I’ve tried and if I would recommend it to someone I know.  I’m also going to group videos under here since to me it makes more sense than making it’s own category or placing under the book review section.  Reason being, books are easy to carry around and read basically anywhere, whereas videos and programs usually require a little more resources to fully utilize.  Granted, most programs have an audio component which could be ripped to an mp3 player of some sort and transported anywhere, but with a book, it’s not that hard to read a few sentences or pages, get interrupted, and easily fall back into the flow of it when the interruption is gone, while with a video or audio component, it’s very difficult to have to pick up after an interruption.  To use an example, I can usually get through about 1/2 to 1 full page of info in the space of a minute, not counting if I stop to highlight a passage or otherwise mark something.   Compare that to trying to watch a minute of video or listen to a minute of audio.  Big difference in my opinion.  Anyway, since it’s my site,  it’s how I’m going to do it… 😉

Hopefully this section will prove of use to you in your research of which programs you’d like to buy and if they’re worth it.  Also, like other sections, there may be stuff here that doesn’t directly relate to the Law of Attraction, but may be of assistance in you ability to learn or improve your use and/or understanding of it.  If you have any programs that you think I should look at or if you’re a creator or publisher of said type of program and you want me to review it for my audience, let me know and I’ll give you the details or get the details, depending on the situation.  May you never stop learning something new.