This course isn’t directly related to the Law of Attraction, but it can have a strong impact on it in a round about way.  In a very broad overview, it’s a course that teaches you how to get into an alpha wave brainwave state, then shows you how to input into your brain a a phenomenal rate of speed, completely bypassing the conscious mind.

The first part, getting you to the alpha state, in and of itself is very valuable, as mentioned elsewhere on this site.  It’s the best state to get requests to your unconscious mind for attracting your wants and desires.  It bypasses your conscious blockages more easily, and it can more directly affect your unconscious beliefs.  That by itself is an extremely valuable ability.

The second part is why I highly recommend it.  There’s a huge amount of information out there on the Law of Attraction, and most people don’t have a lot of time to devote to reading/studying it.  Anything that can improve your reading rate and comprehension is going to directly affect and improve your ability to learn and use the Law of Attraction.  What sets this course apart from other speed reading courses is it’s capability to bypass your conscious processor somewhat similar to how subliminal messages work.  You basically don’t try to consciously comprehend what you’re absorbing, you just basically dump the information into your mind and then let your unconscious mind make use of it and organize it effectively.

Where this really becomes valuable besides just absorbing huge amounts of information is how you can start using it to do syntopic reading. This allows your unconscious mind to compare and contrast information, making intuitive links between the books you’re reading more easily made.  Trying to do syntopic reading at normal reading speeds with normal reading methods is very difficult.  For one thing, trying to read several books to compare/contrast with normal methods could take days, considering a good reader is normally able to read between 40-60 pages an hour, which means a normal book of 200 pages is going to take between 3-5 hours minimum, assuming no breaks and good comprehension.  If you start getting into more information dense books, that speed and comprehension could drop to about 20 pages an hour or less.

Comparing that with photoreading, where you usually only read in 1/2 hour stretches, you may get enough comprehension for what you’re trying to learn within that first half hour, but usually takes 2 or three hours on average for almost any size book.  At that pace, you could read several books on the topic in the space of a week, using only 2 or 3 half hour sessions a day.  Then your mind can get to work forming connections to the info in ways that it might not be able to do if you read at a slower pace.

It’s a great program that I highly recommend.  Go to Learning Strategies to learn more.