This audio program was a mixed bag.  Had lots of good stuff and some stuff, not so much.

Here again is a program that talks about the Law of Attraction, but doesn’t call it as such.  He does a great job with his explanations on how it works, why it works, and he comes at this info from a slightly different direction than most teachers of the Law of Attraction.  One of the things that I think is probably the most important part of this course is the vocal sounds he links to different parts of manifesting.

The first sound is ‘AHHH’.  He links it to the sound of creation/God and points out that that specific sound can be found in all the religions, in all the different names of God.  He also mentions it’s the one sound that can be made while keeping your jaw and tongue relaxed.  He had a few examples in the program of what effects they had when people practiced the tonal/vocal meditations.  This is supposed to be practiced when you first get up.

The Second sound is the traditional ‘OM’ sound.  He links this sound to gratitude.  He states to focus on gratitude while intoning this sound.

He finally closes out the day with a vocal/tonal meditation that basically sounds like a drawn out spoken ‘SHALOM’.  It’s basically supposed to combine creation/manifestation with gratitude, which is how it should be when using the Law of Attraction anyway.
He only focuses on these meditations on the last disc of the program, but all the information given on the previous discs lead up to this disc/meditation, so it’s not wasted info.

All in all, has a lot of good information in it, but I think it could have been presented better.  Then again, I’ve never done a seminar or recording, so I can’t criticize too much.  There’s also a companion book that you can get.  It’ll be in the book review section when I get the chance to study it.