First and foremost, get this program.  If you can afford it, get it.  For the price I got it for, it’s well worth the price.  It’s available from  It’s $119.95.  If you got The Secret first, get this as the next program. Now for why I’m so insistent.

The author of this program is Joe Vitale, as in from the movie The Secret Joe Vitale.  That being said, I personally feel that I got much more out of this that I did from watching The Secret.

This program is mostly an audio program that also comes with a supplemental dvd that has a lot of good stuff on it.  I think the most important part of the dvd is the ‘Install’ portion of the video.  It’s a mixture of subliminal audio and video information, visuals that reinforce the message of the video in a ‘left brain’ sort of way. They use one of the clearing methods (Ho’oponopono method) for the basis for the audio subliminal track and flashes of words that precede the conscious verbal portion of the track.  The video has congruent, multilevel reinforcements built into it to program your mind to use the Law of Attraction in your life.  The video also has a Q&A section that is relatively informative.  The primary portion of the video was good info too, but in my opinion, the jewel was the install section.
The audio portion’s primary mission is to help you clear your negative ‘stuff’ out of your sub/unconscious mind.  It goes over numerous methods to clear out negative feelings, beliefs, habits, etc, from both your conscious and unconscious mind.

This program is a must have for people who are having a hard time either getting the Law of Attraction to work, or even just believing it will work.  This program is the backbone of my self-improvement program and an integral part of my practice of the Law of Attraction.