If you’re looking for a technological method to improve your life, this is probably one of the better systems on the market, if not the best.  I’ve long liked Learning Strategies for all their self help/self development programs that they offer.  When I first heard of them, it was because I was looking for a way to increase my reading speed.  From there, I learned about their Paraliminal® technology.  It’s currently based off of NLP methods, how the mind processes info, and the use of HoloSync® technology to create an binaural beat in your mind to force you to go to alpha state.

What’s kinda funny about that is when I first learned about Paraliminal technology, they didn’t have the HoloSync technology embedded in the recordings.  I was relatively active on their forums at the time, and I remember making a comment about them using HoloSync type binural beats to improve the results of the the recordings.  Now while time colors the memories, I started a very polite flame war about it. Most everyone on the forum pretty much told me that I didn’t know what I was talking about, that Paraliminals didn’t need anything added to make them more effective, etc.  So I basically stopped going on the forums and, due to work and lack of funds to purchase anything else, basically stopped going to their website.  Not that I didn’t find value or feel they were overpriced, just that I didn’t have the extra money to spare.  Fast forward 5-6 years, and now all their Paralimial recordings have HoloSync on it.  Go figure.

Anyway, one of the biggest concerns a lot of people have when it comes to using technology to improve their life usually is a result of all the derogatory things they here about subliminal recordings, from “You don’t know what they’re saying/programming your subconscious mind with” to problems with what is actually being said.  The former issue would consist of being told to buy more stuff from the company or something similar that’s not related to the problem you want to address.  The latter is in the actual wording that the speaker uses, which is usually caused by not really understanding how the mind processes info.  The one example that I’ve heard about (might just be an urban legend, but illustrates the point) a stop smoking program.  One of the subliminal messages was that they were going to get cancer if they kept smoking.  Now while the good intention was there, the wording was basically programming the mind to cause the user to be more inclined to get cancer.

With Paraliminal recordings, you can hear everything that’s being said.  There IS no subliminal information.  It comes down to hearing variations of the same message in each ear.  One ear is going to hear the logical side of the message, whereas the other ear is going to be the creative way of describing the same message.  It’s basically gearing the message to address the right side of the brain through one ear, and the left side of the brain through the other ear.  The fact that both messages are playing at the same time, some times in one ear, sometimes in the other, and sometimes in both, causing a rhythm and confusion in the mind/brain that allows it to bypass the conscious processing system in the mind, going straight to the subconscious part of the mind where it can more directly affect beliefs, desires, and habits.

I’ve used several different companies recorded programs without much success, but when I used Paraliminals, I noticed a rather quick effect, sometimes within one to two sessions, while some took a week.  Some of it seemed blatent, while other results were more subtle.  Now I’m not saying the other companies products are ineffective to someone else, just for me.

I didn’t count how many different recordings they have, but it’s at least 20.  I got the entire library about 5 years ago (they’ve added several more since then that I want to get), so I don’t remember the exact count.  If you want something that can have a direct impact on your life, then I can’t recommend this program highly enough.