For a first attempt at doing a one month review of a program. I’ve realized that with everything I had going on in my life this month along with lots of unplanned stuff, I truly bit off more than I could chew.

Another aspect of the issue dealt with the program material itself. While the meditations were valid and could do a lot of good, the information in between the meditations really detracted from the overall value of the program. It just felt too much like the author was rambling or just recording the program on fly at the worst, or just reading from a script without practicing what he was going to say at best.

There’s quite a few spots in the program, including the meditations, where he stumbles over his words or just sounds like he doesn’t really know what he wants to say at that point. I feel that the program could have been greatly improved if the author had spent a lot more time polishing the recordings and making it sound like he was confident in what he was trying to teach.

The other aspect that I mentioned previously is what I consider his reversal on his beliefs. At the very beginning of the program, he was very adamant about what was actually taking place, whereas by the third or fourth track, he had already started to discount his beliefs and state that he didn’t really understand what was happening. It made it seem like he was wishy-washy about the entire thing.

As I also pointed out previously, he could have made the argument from either camp. If he wanted to pursue the alternate dimensions belief, he could have used Native American beliefs to bolster his own assertions. If, on the other hand, he wanted to stick with the idea that he didn’t know what’s going on, only that it worked, he could have used information from Project Renaissance to back up that belief.

In the end, if he had stuck with one point of view or the other, it again would have made for a stronger program, but since he became very tepid to his belief on what was going on, it just really caused what could have been a great program degenerate into a mediocre program.

If you wanted to still go ahead and acquire the program, my advise would be to gloss through the not meditation parts quickly and then focus entirely on the meditations. The ONLY reason I don’t suggest completely skipping the non-meditation parts of the recordings is because they sometimes provide information on specific terms used during the meditation or what the specific thrust of a particular meditation is aiming for.

Hopefully I didn’t disappoint you too much with my missteps during this first month’s attempt at giving an in-depth review of what kinds of effects a particular program provides. I’m hoping my next month’s attempt fares better. The topic I plan to cover is one I have a much stronger attraction and affinity for, which deals with speed reading and Photoreading. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a much better job.


Thanks for reading.